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Each week we will be sharing a video, a piece of music, an activity, or just something that made us smile. Enjoy picks from some of your favorite ISO musicians and staff!

Listen up! 

Weekly pick by Katie McGuinness, 

Director of Artistic Planning

My clip this week needs little introduction.  It is with soprano Julia Bullock, who was with us this February for Britten's Les Illuminations and who also sang for a beautiful donor event at Indiana Landmarks. The pianist in the video is her husband, Christian Reif, who was the Resident Conductor of the San Francisco Symphony and who also conducted the orchestra at a summer 2018 performance of Strauss' Don Juan at Kroger Symphony on the Prairie.


Music has a very special ability to touch the soul and convey a message. Sometimes with such accuracy that it can feel like a punch to the gut or make the hairs on your arm stand tall. That's why so many artists turn to it to express themselves, and why so many listeners turn to it to understand and process their emotions. Knowing that Julia's words will be more powerful than mine, I share these from the clip:


"We are responsible and must care for the generations that come after us. This song is about wanting for the future . . .  the sadness and anger comes from the reality of the present. I, as so many others, am mourning the lives of those continually lost to blatant violence and brutality. I need to sing about it. I need to shout about it."

—Julia Bullock

Playlist curated by Kalyn Smith,

ISO Senior Event Manager

Prior to managing events for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, my performing experience was in dance and musical theater. I began dancing at the age of 3 and continued through college. In addition to dance, I grew up in a household filled with Broadway music, especially classics like Phantom of the Opera. Between the inspiring, emotional, and energizing songs found in Broadway musicals and my love of expression through movement, I found myself involved in community theatre solely with the goal of dancing in the chorus. Community theatre has exposed me to some of the greats, as I have performed in productions such as Hairspray, Rent, Fame, and more.

In my five seasons with the ISO, it has truly been a pleasure to work our concerts with Broadway stars such as Kristen Chenoweth, Sutton Foster, and Leslie Odom Jr. My playlist consists of Broadway music that I grew up with, shows that I have had the pleasure to be a part of, performances from familiar voices that have graced the HCT stage, and some of my favorite works both new and old. In addition, with a one-year-old at home who is completely enamored with Frozen II, the soundtrack has become the background music to my life and it would not be an accurate playlist unless I included selections from that film. These songs play throughout my day as I am driving, working, cleaning (you name it!). I hope you enjoy this playlist and that it inspires you in one way or another!



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