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Each week we will be sharing a video, a piece of music, an activity, or just something that made us smile. Enjoy picks from some of your favorite ISO musicians and staff!

Listen up! 

Playlist curated by Bennett Sanders,

Senior Graphic Designer

When I design materials for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, I enjoy listening to music in the background. I tend to listen to one playlist over and over again for days—or even weeks—before switching up my music again. I enjoy being able to drift my focus from the music to my work, depending on the intensity of the task at hand. That's why I listen to a single playlist over and over again; the repeat playbacks means I hear all the music as it plays in the background.


I am currently listening to a playlist of Richard Wagner's The Ring Cycle. I decided to listen to The Ring Cycle because I remembered that the ISO performed parts of it with Jun Märkl a couple of years ago and I wanted to experience its use of Leitmotifs. I have only listened to snippets of the total work throughout my life, so I have enjoyed listening all the way though to catch the recurring musical themes and story threads. I have found that with each pass I make with The Ring Cycle, I listen for a particular Leitmotif, allowing me to enjoy a different aspect of the music each time. I have only listened through the whole Ring Cycle a handful of times now, but I'm still listening for all the connections Wagner included in this amazing epic.

Playlist curated by Mallory Essig,

Associate Director of Artistic Coordination

All of the songs on this playlist are by groups who were set to be represented out at Kroger Symphony on the Prairie this summer, from the Beatles to the Bee Gees. The theme from Jurassic Park will transport us back to our childhood, where the world was full of adventure and wonder. "Dancing Queen" and "Last Dance" will get us up and doing just that! 24K Magic brings us back to modern day, while keeping all of those old school melodies we've always loved. 


The world is more uncertain than ever, but one thing that will always mean hope to me is music. I hope that this playlist will bring smiles, joy, and a whimsical escape, if only for a moment!



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