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Bring Hilbert Circle Theatre home for the holidays

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Need a creative holiday background for your computer or phone? Download one of the IPL Yuletide Celebration images from the Hilbert Circle Theatre and glam up your next video chat or home screen! Though we can’t see you in person this year, we hope that these backgrounds bring you some digital holiday cheer.

Yuletide Violin Vertical
Download PDF • 4.08MB
Yuletide Violin Horz
Download PDF • 5.46MB
Yuletide Tree Horz
Download PDF • 7.28MB
Yuletide Tree Vertical
Download PDF • 6.30MB
Yuletide Stage Horz
Download PDF • 7.55MB
Yuletide Stage Vertical
Download PDF • 4.84MB
Yuletide Santa Tap Horz
Download PDF • 5.18MB
Yuletide Santa Tap Vertical
Download PDF • 3.31MB
Yuletide Stage Gold Horz
Download PDF • 3.84MB
Yuletide Stage Gold Vertical
Download PDF • 3.32MB

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